Ceramic Fiber




Nutec Fibratec* Ceramic Fiber Products are made with alumina silica fiber manufactured by the "blown" and the "spun" process.

Nutec Fibratec* Blanket is an excellent insulation used as a lining in furnaces, heaters, kilns and reformers. It is recommended for temperatures up to 1480 °C ( 2700 °F ).

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Nutec Fibratec* Modules are designed and manufactured for quick installations of high temperature linings.

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Nutec Fibratec* Bulk are loose, long and flexible fibers used as a high temperature insulation material. It is used for vacuum forming and for packing around joints.

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Nutec Fibratec* Board is a lightweight refractory vacuum formed product ideal for combustion chambers, back up insulation, transfer of molten aluminum and other high temperature applications.

Nutec Fibratec* Moldable is used for instant repairs of hot spots in a high temperature linings, for non-ferrous metal transportation and to protect metallic parts from heat.

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Nutec Fibratec* Rigidizer is applied to the surface of a ceramic fiber insulation lining to improve durability and resistence to high velocity gases.

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Nutec Fibratec* Ceramic Fiber Paper is a lightweight refractory material used for backup insulation, gasketing and sealing.

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Nutec Fibratec* Ceramic Fiber Special Shapes are specially designed and manufactured for a specific application at temperatures up to 1538°C ( 2800 °F ).

Nutec Fibratec* Hardware is used for the anchoring of a ceramic fiber products as blanket, board and modules. Nutec Fibratec has a wide variety of anchor designs and styles, Nutec Fibratec * Textiles these product have excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Nutec Fibratec* Seal Coat