The Nutec Fibratec family of anchoring hardware options, covering a broad range of lining systems desings requirements.
This are intended to be used whit Nutec Fibratec ceramic fiber lining systems.
The Nutec Fibratec family of hardware components have been developed to provide optimal service life for an assortment of Fiberwall lining systems.
The hardware is available in a variety of metal alloy grades as well as various ceramic compositions.

  Maximun use temperature
Alloy ºC Celsius ºF Fahrenheit
304SS 760 1400
310SS 927 1700
330SS 1038 1900
601 Inconel 1093 2000

Blanket hardware
Lenght 4”,6”,8”,10”,12”
Lenght 2” y 2 ½”


Modules hardware
Lenght 4”,6”,8”,10”,12”

Lenght 4”,6”,8”,10”,12”
Lenght 4”,6”,8”,10”,12”

Board hardware
Lengh 4”,6”,8”,10”,12”
Lenght 2” y 2 ½”

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