Ceramic Fiber Paper


Nutec Fibratec* Ceramic Fiber Paper, is a lightweight refractory material processed from a blend of high purity alumina-silica fibers into a highly flexible, uniform sheet.

It is recommended for continuous use at temperatures up to 1600°C (3000°F ).

Nutec Fibratec* Ceramic Fiber Paper, has low shrinkage, good handling strength, and low thermal conductivity. It contains a small amount of organic binder for processing which makes it flexible, yet reduces off-gassing and odor during use. Our product has a highly uniform structure due to its controlled basis weight and thickness, assuring homogeneous thermal conductivity and a clean, smooth surface ideal for gasketing or sealing.

Nutec Fibratec* Paper is completely free of asbestos and is designed to be an economic replacement for asbestos paper in most applications.

Nutec Fibratec* Paper is easy to handle and is readily cut with a knife, shears, or standard steel rule dies. Its flexibility allows it to be wrapped or rolled to fit most complex configurations.

  • Easy to cut, wrap or form.
  • Temperature stability.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Low heat storage.
  • Resilient.
  • Light weight.
  • Thermal shock resistant.
  • Good dielectric strength.
  • High fired tensile strength.
  • Good flame resistance.

Typical Applications
  • Asbestos paper replacement.
  • Investment cast mold wrap insulation.
  • One-time consumable insulating applications.
  • Backup lining for metal troughs.
  • Hot top lining.
  • Applications where low binder content is required.
  • Thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Upgrade for fiberglass paper and blanket products