Textiles; Nutec Fibratec textiles are noted for superior insulating ability to 1,260° C (2,300° F). These products have excellent resisitence to thermal shock, corrosive attack and breakdown due to mechanical vibration and stress.


Nutec. Fibratec textil products forms are unique high temperature fabrics usuable in a wide variety of industrial applications. This are made from staple Nutec fibratec bulk fiber and 15-20% organic fiber as a carrier fiber. A blend of long staple fibers and organic carrier fibers, Nutec Fibratec* textiles are excellent chocie where a flexible, strong temperature ressitant product is required.


  • Excellent high temperature stability
  • Excellent tensile strenght
  • Excellent thermal and electrical insulation
  • Excellent chemical stability resistence
  • Low thermal conductivity

Typical Applications:

  • Insulation of high-tempreature tubes, containers, etc
  • Seal of doors of industrial furnaces
  • The protection of high-temperature for cable, fuel tubes, etc.
  • Fireproof twine, warp, cover, etc.
  • Compound –material produce.